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“Taiga Log Houses” is a producer of wooden log houses. The factory and head office are established near St-Petersburg.  Our company started producing log houses in the year of 1989. Back then, log houses produced in Russia was hand-made by using axe and saw. In 1991, the company was the first in Russia to export the log houses in original Russian style to Sweden, Germany, France, Norway and some other countries.


For an example see a photo of our hous in Germany:



 We have continued old Russian traditions in log house building and in wooden architecture. High professionalism of carpenters and mechanics is the basis of our technology. The decorative elements of facades, windows, railings etc., made in the traditional Russian style, form the unique design of the houses.

Церковь в воейково, главное крыльцо

   In 1996, we bought our first modern equipment from Germany and Sweden for manufacturing of prefabricated houses from round logs. The usage of modern technology has allowed considerable increase in the quality and quantity of houses. Now the up-to-date technological line for log houses producing is the basis of our manufacture. It includes modern machine tools of the company “Wema-Probst” (Germany) and “Stenlund” (Sweden). This modern equipment has considerably raised capacities of manufacture and guaranteed high quality of log treatment. However, in spite of using the machine treatment, we have kept hand-made decorations and original design of wooden houses.


We have built this charming house in Sweden, Piteå:

d 160 f br, Швец, Питео  d 160 dec, Швеция, Питео


 We produce a special complicate profile of a round log for better wind insulation:

log prof 


Such profile of a log provides the best heat preserving properties of walls. Round log shells generally have a lower turnkey price than handcrafted log shells. Aftertreatment is not required.


We produce shells for different types of buildings: year-round dwelling houses, weekend or summer houses, camping houses, chalet houses, cafes or restaurants buildings, churches, saunas etc. Today our machine-made houses have walls of various alternative thickness such as: 200 mm, 230 mm and double 2x200 mm.

doppelwand wind

  Our Web-site ( Russian pages) shows various types of standard houses, but we can also quote on the basis of customer’s drawings and ideas. You can send the drawing by hand with indication of sizes and we will turn it into a project with proper graphics. After that, we will be able to make a cost estimation in your currency.

 If preliminary cost suits you, we will continue working on coordination of the project. At a stage of preparation of the contract, we will offer you a video presentation of the ready project and you will be able to make the last amendments.

 The price is considered for each project specifically. In general, the log shell of a log 200 mm thick is 15 % cheaper than a log shell made of a log 230 mm thick. For example, it is possible to take a house log shell from a log 200 mm thick, which we prepared at the end of 2015 for Cyprus.

 Кипр-8 3D1


The house size is 7,6 х 11,13 m. 70 m2 on the first floor, 40 m2 on the second and 30 m2 of open space. Log shell set for such house costs 13,900 euro. In addition, the set of boards for beams and rafters will be required separately. Similar houses are already built in Cyprus:


     Cyprus-6, ф2          


 As a result, the algorithm looks as follows: you send plans for calculation, and we do an estimation. If cost suits you, we prepare the agreement and the detailed project of the log house. Then we together with you specify details, cost, coordinate terms and payments, sign the contract. You make an advance payment, and we carry out the delivery. Upon your request, our team arrives to assemble the building.


ask questions and send the projects for estimation of cost

tel: +7-962-684-35-16 Mr. Igor Harkovsky, Commercial Director


Postal address: Russia, 188689, Leningrad Oblast, Vsevolozhsk, p. Yanino-2, d.1-A




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